Accra: Easy Taxi and the 26 yr old MD determined to improve your taxi experience


At 26, Baffour Appiah-Korang is one of the youngest Managing Directors in Ghana. His company, Easy Taxi seeks to improve the taxi experience in Ghana using their Easy Taxi App, which allows you to find available taxis in your vicinity and negotiate an agreeable fare from the comfort of your home. The application is free to download and use on any phone running Apple, Android or Windows operating systems.

After a few weeks of persistent requests, Accra City Times was able to pin Baffour Appiah-Korang for an interview. We talked about the passion and drive that prepared him for this challenging role at such an early age.


Accra City Times: Hello Mr Appiah-Korang, thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Appiah Korang: Please, call me Baffour…and the pleasure is mine.

Accra City Times: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Appiah Korang: I’m a young Manchester United fan, who’s just very ambitious and always interested in taking on tasks that force me to stretch myself and learn new things.

Accra City Times: Manchester United fan? How has the season gone for you?

Appiah Korang: This season hasn’t been too great. However, as you know, we’re perfectionists and I have every confidence in the board and management that Manchester United will be back to being Number One sooner rather than later.

Accra City Times: As a manager yourself, what lessons did you learn from David Moyes’ experience?

Appiah Korang: Many fans have differing opinions on what Moyes did right or wrong. I think his biggest mistake was being too careful, too conservative.  That’s something I can identify with, because in a high risk, high potential  market like technology in Ghana, you have to be very comfortable with taking risks. There is no proven method to do operations or marketing and so you just have to do a lot of research and then use your best judgment to take calculated risks.

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Also, you can’t overestimate the importance of having a good team and I’m fortunate enough to have some of the most dedicated people working with me at Easy Taxi.

Accra City Times: In your opinion, what qualities do you find essential in being a good manager?

Appiah Korang: I put an emphasis on meeting goals and building a strong team. Before working with Easy Taxi, I worked as an analyst for a reputable financial institution in Ghana. One of the best managers there was a very affable guy who drew a bold line between work and play. Before all else, the job had to be done. The first time I worked with him, it was scary and he always kept me on my toes. What I took from that experience was that it was vital to be comfortable with your team so that they can be open with you, as long as we understand that the quality of our work cannot be compromised.

Accra City Times: Let’s talk about that job change. It’s rare to see young people in Ghana occupying high-ranking positions. Tell us how someone so young became the MD of a company.

Appiah Korang: I think it comes down to the drive to challenge myself. The concept of Easy Taxi is simple and appealing, and when I heard about that position I knew it would involve both hard work and visible results, which is a great combination for me. I spend about 14 hours daily on the job, but I’m not a workaholic! I just enjoy the job and I’m motivated by my team’s performance and the growth Easy Taxi has achieved.

Accra City Times: So, why should people in Accra be excited about Easy Taxi? At the moment, I can walk to the side of the road and within a few minutes, there’s a very good chance that I’d get a taxi. Why should I even bother with the Easy Taxi App?

Try the Easy Taxi App for free here

Appiah Korang: Many people who have used this app talk about how great it is to be able to interact with a taxi driver without even leaving the comfort of their homes. No hot sun, no waiting, no long walk;  just negotiate with the taxi in advance and only step out when the taxi has arrived. Also, we’ve all heard the nightmare situations in Accra where people take a taxi only to realize that they’ve left something valuable in it. With Easy Taxi, they can quickly access the driver, his phone number, the model of the taxi or car number and retrieve their items. And there is the assurance of knowing that your ride is secure. If one has to arrange an emergency pickup for say, a child or elderly person, Easy Taxi is the best option to assure a safe ride.

Accra City Times: It sounds like a great service. We’re definitely going to try Easy Taxi out.

Appiah Korang: Do it! I’d love to hear your feedback, and this is a great moment to mention the customer service support we provide. Once a customer uses Easy Taxi our Customer support team will follow up to find out how the experience was.

Accra City Times: Good to hear. Thanks again for talking to us.